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Come on, Mike, you can handle it………

Yeah, people will talk, but they’re already talking anyway, so why not put it out in the open. You’ll feel better.

Editor’s Stress Reduction Tool

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The Purge Continues……….

We have it on good authority that even though the CVPPAC mailing list is full of ex-members and non-members, a person calling himself the editor of a local publication insisted that our names and our names alone be removed from the mailing list.

We suggest that you all pick up your dictionaries and look up

It's The Law......Be Careful How You Support Your Local Fishmonger

According to the California Penal Code, section 490.7:

(b) No person shall take more than twenty-five (25) copies of the current issue of a free or complimentary newspaper if done with the intent to do one or more of the following: (1) Recycle the newspapers for cash or other payment. (2) Sell or barter

Tangential Story

As we were finishing up at the First Congregational Church last Thursday after the Bill Ayers event, there were three or four people sitting at a table long after the others had all left. I asked them if they’d leave and they told me that their car, which they had parked on Van Ness in

Before Fiction Swallows Truth......

Before the truth gets swallowed by big egos and historical fabrications, take a look and where the funding came for the Bill Ayers screening of “The Weather Underground”. Then compare that to the way it was publicized. Then contemplate the phrase “delusions of grandeur”.

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