Peace Fresno Does It Again!

Here’s a real hoot for you fans of the absurd:

We actually got an agenda for a Peace Fresno Meeting in the email today. An unprecedented event.

What is most amusing to me is that one of the items on the agenda is this; “Vote of confidence in Camille Russell, Dan Yaseen, and Mike Rhodes”. It seems that they need to reinforce their right to bully people, abuse people and act unilaterally because someone got a glimpse behind the curtain.

I wonder if they’ll have some of those “votes who only show up when they’re needed” in attendance tonight?

And how did Mike Rhodes come to be Peace Fresno business? Oh, the same way that Karl Rove became Presidential business. Except maybe his hand isn’t as far up……..

How nice of them to serve free Kool-Ade at their meetings!

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