Peace Fresno Exodus

All those big guns and no targets…………three board members of Peace Fresno, including your CIA Front hosts and Treasurer Jay Hubbell cast their votes of “no confidence” in the senior Peace Fresno leadership by quitting the PF board of directors tonight. Treasurer Jay Hubbell quit Peace Fresno completely, we only resigned from the board of directors. Having paid for lifetime memberships, we thought we’d keep open the option to vote in future elections, unless of course, they want to refund our investment.

It must have been very disappointing to those who rallied so many to attend to assure the annointing of the chosen ones and the purging of the infidels. I’m almost sorry I missed it.

None of the resigning board members specified (or needed to specify) a reason. If you check back with these pages periodically, you will probably see a saga unfolding that will illuminate those reasons. Expect a combination of satirical writings and probably a post or two on how to destroy an organization from within.

I wonder if they sold any 50 cent memberships like they were offering at last September’s election? Just what every organization needs; an uninformed electorate………

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