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Peace Fresno shills for NeoCon / KMJ Propaganda Blitz at Fresno
Pacific University?
(Sunday Apr 4th, 2010)

Peace Fresno joins with the Community Alliance & the Fresno Center for Nonviolence to sell tickets to a debate attraction at a Conference hosted by the Sunbird Conservatives. This event is sponsored by "Hate Radio" concern KMJ. The Sunbird Conservatives exist to counter and even quash the progressive voice both at Fresno Pacific through their "Classroom Watch" program, and through hosting events such as the Conference for which these progressive organizations are selling blocks of presale tickets.

I have been told now and then that the President of Peace Fresno is a "recovering Republican". I never gave it much thought in the past- being a "recovering myriad of vices" myself.

I could rattle on and on about my character flaws, which are many.

I prefer to rattle on and on about the character flaws of those who set themselves up as leaders in our community.

So it is with great temerity that I inform the readers of this thread that it appears that the President of Peace Fresno has "fallen off the wagon". She has taken a few other leaders in the Progressive Community along with her, including the Community Alliance, the Fresno Center for Nonviolence, and as many members of Peace Fresno she as can sell tickets to before our next meeting- whereat four board members will formally object to this "turncoat" activity.

Many members of the Greater Fresno Area activist community have probably had their board meetings visited by the President of Peace Fresno, hawking sponsorships and tickets for the Sunbird Conservatives upcoming conference. She orchestrated a very sophisticated "bait and switch" pitch over the course of several Peace Fresno meetings wherein she ultimately acquired approval for the purchase of 20 tickets to be sold at $10 apiece for the debate between Victor Davis Hanson and Michael Parenti hosted by the Sunbird Conservatives as an attraction to their "Renaissance of American Principals Sunbird Conservatives Conference 2010". She did not prevail when she put the concept of "sponsorship" to a vote, though. which is kind of deceitful inasmuch as pre-selling the tickets constitutes sponsorship as far as the Sunbirds are concerned. Peace Fresno is buying into a fantasy that buying and selling tickets to this event does not somehow constitute a "de facto" sponsorship.

Starting last Friday, March 26, four Board members have petitioned the President REPEATEDLY for a revote due to being misled and ill informed at the first vote, yet the President continues to hawk tickets and sponsorships. She has not answered any of these emails, despite having been on and off email addressing other topics.

We were never told that the debate was part of a Conference, we were never told it was sponsored by Hate Radio concern KMJ, we were never apprised of the truth regarding the agenda of the Sunbird Conservatives. THIS is why we want a revote.

Good faith dealings would dictate that the President of Peace Fresno should have immediately ceased distributing tickets and selling sponsorships until ALL the Board was satisfied that the issue was fairly voted. But she is aggressively, and deceptively continuing to promote the Sunbird event. In fact, yesterday she sent a notice to the Peace Fresno listserve selling discount tickets for a debate, not mentioning at all that the debate is an attraction to the Sunbird’s Conference.

Our President attempted to promote the Sunbird’s event at our Peace & Justice Festival in a printed insert in the program PRIOR to voting to sponsor. She asked me to facilitate this AFTER the meeting, OFF the MINUTES- and at Peace Fresno’s expense without informing the Board.

Name dropping is used to sell tickets to organizations who may straddle the fence. To sell tickets and sponsorships to a third party, our President was quoted as stating that WILPF sponsored the event, despite the fact that WILPF kicked her to the curb during her spiel at their meeting. These kind of "Ponzi Scheme" type appeals, wherein one group’s name is invoked to sell another group on the concept, is one of the regular ploys our President and our VP of Membership use to convince people that their agenda is worthy of consideration. Sometimes, as in this case, it is clear that they just drop names in order to acquire support that would not come UNLESS other respectable organizations were on on board.


This issue should never have been brought to a vote in ANY progressive org because it IS DIVISIVE. If there were a FULLY INFORMED revote with the same Peace Fresno members present, the issue would not likely pass, given the number of people who originally voted against it who have indicated that they will stand by their original vote, and the recantation of those who voted for it based on the whole cloth presentation fobbed off on us by our President.

Some of us are still scrubbing the spatter from the President’s shotgun presentation invoking most, if not ALL "logical fallacies". Imagine raising an objection to a used car salesman attempting to rid himself of a hooptie at the end of the year. Imagine his deployment of a pre-scripted response to ALL your objections. If you can imagine this, then you can get the drift of what our last Peace Fresno meeting was like.

Despite the "throw it against the wall to see if it sticks" rhetoric, there is a single issue which emerges from the flak.

The issue is not whether it’s great to support Parenti or a neutral debate between Victor Davis Hanson and Parenti.

The issue is sponsoring or selling tickets to raise funds and awareness for a group whose intention is to quash all progressive voices both on and off the Fresno Pacific Campus, and to skew the thinking of the students who attend there though a glitzy propaganda campaign. Mind you, the debate is a very tiny portion of a two day propaganda thrust, including one directed at high school and college students the day before (please review links in context below).

I don’t understand why any progressives are supporting this conference instead of protesting it. Especially those who, like Richard Stone of the Fresno Center for Nonviolence, takes a hard line against Hate Radio influence on campuses such as CSUF. You can read this article in the Community Alliance here:

Quoting Stone: "the broadcast of the university’s athletic events, and the many shows featuring Bulldog coaches, is embedded among highly partisan, disrespectful and even hate-promoting talk shows, where opposing voices are literally drowned out by bullying hosts. This programming is the antithesis of academic dialogue and the marketplace of ideas. It is time to question if the context of KMJ programming is suitable for a major university presence."

How does Stone respond to queries regarding sponsoring the Sunbird’s Convention? He throws up the oft-invoked rationalization that supporting the Sunbirds somehow doesn’t matter as long as Michael Parenti is going to be part of the show. This is what he told me when I asked him what his take was on the KMJ sponsorship of the event:

"We are sponsoring an event sponsored by them, and they are sponsoring an event sponsored by us. A debate format will give Michael Parenti–a very able spokesperson–an opportunity to respond to the junk doled out weekly by Hanson. I’m pleased we have this opportunity."

As if Parenti could not rebut the NeoCon agenda in another forum from which proceeds would not be supporting a group whose mission is contrary to the mission of the Fresno Progressive Community.

Certainly, no progressive I know is in favour of a "Classroom Watch" program against progressive ideology. And no progressive I am friendly with condones lengthy propaganda campaigns espousing the furthest right of the furthest right values at a campus full of impressionable young folks either. In reference to the Sunbird’s Classroom Watch program which transparently enlists students against Academic Freedoms progressives have fought for, I have attached an excerpt from a handbook titled "Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility after 9/11" which states in part:

"Academic Freedom

"Academic freedom, the right of scholars to freely research, publish, and teach on their field subjects, is crucial to capacity of institutions of higher education to explore new fields and offer challenging interpretations of historical, social, and political phenomenon. Given that individual and institutional academic freedoms are not absolute, but contextual, and that students and teachers have complementary rights and duties, a wide variety of legal interpretations exist concerning the nature and limits of academic freedom. The U.S. Supreme Court recognizes a First Amendment right of institutional as well as individual academic freedom: “It is the business of a university to provide that atmosphere which is most conducive to speculation, experiment, and creation. It is an atmosphere in which there prevail ‘the four essential freedoms’ of a university – to determine for itself on academic grounds who may teach, what may be taught, how it shall be taught, and who may be admitted to study” [stated by Justice Felix Frankfurter in Sweezy v. New Hampshire (354 U.S. 234 1957) and Justice Lewis Powell in Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (438 U.S. 265 1978)].

"In the current repressive political climate, academics are now working on a slippery legal slope. A recent AAUP legal round•up clarifies some of this terrain by examining threats to academic freedom in the legislative arena, particularly the “Academic Bill of Rights” propounded by David Horowitz. The AAUP report comments that “self•identified ‘conservatives’ are calling for ‘political diversity’ in the classroom and for student monitoring of teachers on college and university campuses for perceived ‘liberal bias’ in their classroom presentations.” And yet, as it goes on to note, “This political interference with the autonomy of higher education institutions is not an alignment of conservative versus liberal, but rather individuals for and against institutional autonomy”. Therefore, academic freedom is not a liberal, progressive, or leftist issue, but a matter of concern for all scholars, regardless of their political beliefs."

Mostly, I object to the President of Peace Fresno ambushing us with an agenda distributed at the meeting itself so that we had to take her word on what this was all about, only to find out after the vote what we were REALLY supporting. These are not a bunch of cute kids trying to get political. They are a movement backed by big bucks who intend to take over Fresno Pacific and destroy what little academic freedom progressives have in yet another institution of higher learning.

None of this should be supported by any leader of any group representing any progressive cause.

***Number one, it is divisive of the community- we are not the only people who would disagree IF THEY KNEW. Because these things are handled by boards of directors, the membership is NOT INFORMED.

***Number two, the Sunbirds can sell their own tickets to anybody, including interested progressives. Why do our leaders have to call for us to SPONSOR this event? Our leadership is arrogant enough to think that their agenda should be pushed through by deception, because it is in the best interest of our membership. Well, if it really was in the best interest of our membership, how come they had to deceive the board about the particulars of the event? Are they saying that our concerns are those of idiots who have to be "handled" by condescending deceptions?

***Number three, Parenti is getting paid what he’s getting paid, our presence there does not support him, but supports the Sunbirds who hired him as an ATTRACTION to their event.

All of the information regarding the Sunbird’s Conference can be found here:

From reading the March 15 letter on the above page, one is confronted with the fact that Michael Parenti has been added to the program as an attraction, and that their intention is to counter the liberal, progressive voice at Fresno Pacific and acquaint the students and community with their own propaganda.

Visit the various links on the right hand sidebar. For example, the Agenda is a link on the right hand sidebar blue button, it’s actual location is:

You can see that the debate itself is a very small part of the entire program.

On this link you can see that free tabling opportunities are offered only to conservative causes:

I have since been informed that non sponsors may table for thirty whole minutes before the debate and thirty minutes after the debate. That begs the question: when may sponsors may table?

On this page:

You can see that a ticket for ALL the day’s events costs as little as $20, which makes the $10 Peace Fresno is charging for tickets (which are for the debate only according to the President of the Sunbirds) DISPROPORTIONATELY skewed towards supporting the rest of the event given the total number of forums, speeches, entertainments, etc. In addition, reserved seats are being sold, so there is no guarantee anybody who pays $10 at this time will even have a seat.

Also, this event is targeted towards influencing young people- here is one example:

In addition, the Debate itself is part of the Sunbird’s strategic plan to counteract the progressive, liberal voice at Fresno Pacific and the community.

Their strategic plan can be found here:

Their Mission/Purpose can be found here:

Most reprehensible to me is the fact that the Sunbirds promote a "Classroom Watch" to attempt to counteract progressive causes by raising conservative voices against free exercise of Academic Freedom at Fresno Pacific. Their Classroom Watch program is discussed here:

Just click around the website and see if you want to support this. You can see how skewed it is by the picture they chose of Parenti, which is sepia tone, depicts Parenti sneering like a melodrama villain, and looks like it came off a "wanted poster" in a dime novel.

I don’t think any progressive should support this by buying tickets and I will not support any organization that does not have the foresight to understand that progressives should not help fund counter – progressive propaganda campaigns.

How come it is impossible for all of our organizations to acquire Parenti to DISCUSS what happened at the debate rather than sponsoring the Sunbird’s program by buying into it?

Why is the progressive community not DEMONSTRATING at this event?

I think we should round up a bunch of homeless folks to protest this event. They can hold signs saying: "Conservative economic policies put me on the street". We could round up veterans holding pictures of maimed vets or wearing body bags saying "Conservative foreign policies did this to me". We could hold up signs showing deformed babies saying "Conservative environmental policies did this to me". The Water Forum people could also protest the conservative water policies- they can advise us on good imagery. The hate radio folks could be there too. The LGBT people could be there. The WIB could be there. We could bring folded up flags etc.

If we want to support our ideals, we should support our ideals.

Not the ideals of those who intend to quash them.

Peace Fresno shills for NeoCon / KMJ
Propaganda Blitz at Fresno Pacific University?
(Wednesday Apr 7th, 2010 12:28 PM)

It’s a two day event, of which the debate is but a tiny part. Tickets for all day cost as little as $20. Senior leaders of Peace Fresno are selling tickets TO THE DEBATE ONLY (according to the Sunbird Representative Lyons) for $10. Some orgs are selling them for $15- an extremely disproportionate investment compared to what all day ticket buyers pay. We are in fact financing their event so that the conservatives who attend pay less for their tickets.

Look at the Agenda for day of the debate and tell me if you think the Progressive Community is even getting their money’s worth:

Conference Starts at 8:00am. A Final Time Schedule for each event will be posted at prior to the event.

Outline of Events

7-8:00am Coffee with the Candidates

7:00am Check-in/Continental Breakfast

8:00am Welcome

Video “The Sunbird Conservatives"

Video “Renaissance of American Principles"

Michael Reagan –
Talk Radio Host

“The Tea Party Movement” – Limited Government

Steve Brandau- Coordinator/Business Owner
The Central Valley Tea Party

“Obama’s Attack on Traditional Values”
-Traditional Values

William Owens Jr. Pastor/Author
Tea Party Express

“The American Moral Compass:
Family & Faith”- Traditional Values

Jim Franklin –
Pastor/Radio Talk Show Host
Cornerstone Church/KMJ580

Justice For All Presentation

“Saving California”
– Personal Responsibility

Damon Dunn –
Candidate for California Secretary of State

“Fighting for the Valley”
-Individual Freedom

Congressman Devin Nunes –
United States House of Representatives

Water Panel “The Man-Made Dustbowl”

Confirmed Participants:

Inga Barks- Moderator
Congressman Nunes
Fred Starrh (Farmer)
Damien Schiff (Pacific Legal Foundation)
Piedad Ayala (Water For All)
Ray Appleton (KMJ580)

The Hannah Boys – Live Entertainment

Debate: “Imperial America?;
American Foreign Policy Past, Present and
Future” – Strong National Defense

Victor Davis Hanson (Conservative) Vs.
Michael Parenti (Progressive)

This Debate will discuss the question of
American Empire, intervention, military power,
the War on Terror, the Iraq War, the Obama
Era, and numerous other avenues of
American Foreign Policy throughout our
history from a Conservative and Progressive
point of view.

Carly Fiorina – U.S. Senate Candidate

The Obama Era (Error?)
– Free Enterprise

Ron Nehring,
California Republican Party

National Panel: “Conservative
Victory in 2010”

Cliff Unruh- Moderator
Ron Nehring (Chairman CA GOP)
Chuck Devore (U.S. Senate Candidate)
Mike Der Manouel (Fresno Lincoln Club)
John Eastman (CA. AG Candidate)

Carly Fiorina (U.S. Senate Candidate)
Tom Campbell (U.S. Senate Candidate)
Tom McClintocK (Congressman)
Kevin McCarthy (Congressman)

2010 CA Governors Race

Steve Poizner

Meg Whitman

“The American Idea in 2010”
-American Exceptionalism

Bruce Thornton
Fresno State University


If you want to see what they have planned for young people the previous day, I will copy that Agenda here (Note "Leftist Ideology and the Academic World" as it relates to the Sunbird’s Classroom Watch program):

Student Seminar

This year the Sunbird Conservatives will be hosting a Student Seminar on Friday April 16th before Conference activities on Saturday. This Seminar is FREE to all Jr. High through College Students. College Students from outside the Fresno area will be offered the opportunity to bunk with students from Fresno Pacific University on Friday night so they can attend on Saturday.


* Dinner
* Ice Cream
* Shirt
* NoteBook
* Resource Bag
* Lanyard

To Register please contact Emily Lyons at (559) 643-7703 or e-mail her at Emily [at]

Outline of Events

4:30pm Check-in

5:00pm Welcome

"Lessons of Conservatism"

Steve Varvis
Fresno Pacific University

"Economic Freedom"

Roy Vasquez
Fresno Pacific University

"Young Conservative Leaders Panel"

Tal Eslick
Dawn Steele
Dallas Thiesen
Ben Bergquam

"Leftist Ideology and the Academic World"

Bruce Boeckel
Fresno Pacific University

"Conservative Club President’s Panel"

Emily Lyons- Sunbird Conservatives
Oliver Darcy- UC Merced
Cole Rojewski- Fresno State University
Daniel Gai- Fresno City College

"American Principles"

Bruce Thornton
Fresno State University

"Young Republican Mixer"

"Getting Involved"

Ron Nehring
California Republican Party


Truth will prevail, but you gotta look for it. It would be a mistake to think you would actually get the truth from Peace Fresno, the Community Alliance or the Fresno Center for Nonviolence as they shove tickets for the debate under your nose.

Peace Fresno shills – Drinking the Kool Ade (April 13, 2010)

Funny how this community bands together when faced with a perceived threat.

In this case, the perceived threat is that of being exposed for the behaviours and tactics I have discussed above. And others. Like the bizarre, divisive and destructive behaviour I am about to discuss.

At the last meeting of the editorial board of the Community Alliance, the editor of the Alliance announced that he would no longer run ads that our group, creates for community members free of charge. We have been providing this service and others to many local orgs including the Central Valley Water Consortium, Les Marsden for Congress, Peace Fresno, and various special events such as "Eyewitness Gaza" last year. Oddly, this tactic on his part is hurtful to our clients, who benefit by getting quality ad artwork for free. It does not hurt US, because we do not get a thing out of creating these ads except the satisfaction of assisting members of the community present their groups and events in a better light. Of course this "footbullet" strategy on the editor’s part will result in our clients doing business with the Undercurrent instead of the Community Alliance.

According to an inside source, the stated reasons were that we are "hostile" and "difficult to deal with".

Huh. Hostile? Difficult to deal with? Where did he get that?

We haven’t had any dealings with the editor of the Community Alliance since May 2009. ANY. Well, I did ask him if he wanted to take a soundboard recording at the Peace Festival this year, but he didn’t answer that note. And once we had a friendly interchange in the control booth at KFCF. But really, we can’t understand what the editor is talking about in regards to "hostile" or "difficult to work with" unless we go back to May 2009.

Almost an entire year ago…

Peace Fresno’s paid ads were being repeatedly squished down (reduced in size disproportionately) so that they no longer filled the entire space Peace Fresno paid for. This happened month after month. Each month it happened, we confronted the Community Alliance sales director, who was also the First Vice President of Peace Fresno. He still holds both those positions. When asked why the ads changed size from what he told me they should be, he shrugged his shoulders in a predictable passive aggressive gambit. I finally got fed up and asked that he send me an email confirming the exact size the ad should be and he immediately refused to communicate in writing.

We, on the other hand, prefer to communicate in writing because this circumvents the oft- invoked claim of the passive aggressive: "We had a MISUNDERSTANDING". Be that as it may, when the sales director fell silent, it was still my job to produce the ad copy. This last time, I covered my bases by getting redundant approval on the ad copy, the size of the ad, and the file type in writing from everybody involved including the Peace Fresno President, and the Community Alliance.

Yet when this ad was submitted, it was printed smaller than paid for as well.

SO we wrote an email to the Board of Peace Fresno stating in essence that we had an ongoing and insoluble problem with our submissions in that we were repeatedly not getting what we paid for with our Community Alliance ads. We actually thought the Community Alliance was a newspaper and not a vanity press- that’s why we wrote the email. We thought the Board at Peace Fresno might not like that. They probably don’t like it, but they didn’t want to go up against the editor of the Community Alliance on the subject. In fact, we were told that in the past, other people have complained, but they stopped complaining when they hit a stone wall. We didn’t hit a stone wall, we hit a consortium of organized BULLIES who wanted to continue to engage in the objectionable act. The first salvo was launched at us by the Alliance sales director, who knew exactly how to "Stir it Up" with the editor.

Instead of discussing our concerns with the Board of PF to whom we addressed the email, the sales director/Peace Fresno vice-president inappropriately forwarded our email to the editor of the Community Alliance, who responded by invoking the halo he wears in public- recounting his stature in the community and objecting to our calling attention to the situation regarding the ads in light of all his good works. The editor characterized us as persnickety troublemakers. He said (in essence) that nobody complains when he makes their ads BIGGER than paid for, so they shouldn’t complain when he makes their ads SMALLER than paid for.

I used to work on a newspaper in the layout department, so I knew that this was, um… *irregular*. I was in fact incredulous.

The editor further went on to claim that Peace Fresno’s ad was the only ad that was ever shorted. That was not true. This was back in May of 2009, but I saved all the PDF files in case anybody wants to see for themselves. At that time, I took the issue in question and began measuring ads. In the May 2009 issue alone:

On page 27 ALL FOUR display ads were 1/4" – 3/8" shorter than the 4.5" necessary for an 1/8 page run.

On page 25, the PF ad was short, and Marc A. Stefano’s ad was also only 4 and 1/8" instead of 4 1/2" tall.

On page 8, the two ads were 4 3/16" tall.

On page 7 both display ads are the same short size.

The ad for "Eyewitness Gaza" was reduced by almost a whopping 10 square inches

This ads up.

This happened regularly at the Community Alliance. I downloaded PDF files from their archives going back to 2008 wherein they squished a politician’s ad so badly that it was comical. She had no idea her ad ran incorrectly because she was busy running for office, and as per their policy, the client was not provided with the CUSTOMARY TEAR SHEET (a printed copy of the ad provided by REAL newspapers showing that your ad ran correctly in the proper issue). Now, if anything like this happened on any paper I worked on or submitted ads to, the customer would have been given the ad for free,and the errors corrected in the next issue. This politician did not have that opportunity. She had bought a block of adspace over a period of months. All of her ads ran correctly and looked good until the issue immediately prior to the election- the one with all the other candidate’s ads in it.

Whoopsie! No "do overs" for THAT kind of mistake!

Now in case you get the idea that I am singling the editor of the Community Alliance out, I’m not. I had the full expectation that the issue with the ads was a misunderstanding, but I was disabused of that idea by the response I got! To wit, the editor shifted the blame to the person he contracted as a layout artist.

If I saw a butcher with his thumb on the scale I’d speak up too! I would expect to get hustled out of the butcher shop, because of course the butcher would not like to be revealed. But I would speak up! I wouldn’t let all the butchers customers get shortchanged because they were not observant enough to see what was really happening behind the counter!

Yessiree, I am a "hostile" person who is "difficult to deal with"!!

Whatever you do, do NOT point out any inconvenient facts regarding the behaviour or activities member of this community. Just like the butcher with his thumb on the scales, or the kid with his hand in the cookie jar, you can expect certain retaliations, deflections, obfuscations, and of course- you will get hustled away from the activity you are attempting to draw attention to.

Now, having given the readers the backstory on our issue with the editor of the Community Alliance regarding the ads in the Alliance, it will be a year in May since we had ANY dealings with him on the subject. Yet, he came into the editorial board of the Community Alliance and made our clients "persona non grata" on HIS PAPER if they had the balls to continue to take advantage of our free ad artwork service.

Peace Fresno is falling in line. They have asked their Secretary to contact us in regards to removing the statement at the bottom of their website "This website is created and maintained by". Unfortunately, that is indeed the case. The Peace Fresno website was created and maintained by It’s hits have increased every month since we took it over. It has gone from very few hits to over 120,000 hits last month due to our contribution. Yet we are asked to remove our name from the website.

Ostracizing people because they don’t agree with you is a cult tactic of milieu control. It is intended to hurt people, and bully them into submission. We could take Agent Orange’s Cult Test and find many similarities to this situation. Such as "Group-think, Suppression of Dissent, and Enforced Conformity in Thinking" or "You can’t tell the truth" or this one- "Scapegoating and excommunication" .

There is an upcoming event that they want us to remove our name from despite the fact that we are HOSTING IT. Peace Fresno voted to cohost and cosponsor, WILPF to cosponsor along with the Fresno Center for Nonviolence. Yet we have fronted all the money, arranged the venue, created the promotional materials featuring the various cosponsors, sent out the press releases containing all of the various cosponsors, and we are and remain the point of contact assigned by the agent of the attraction.

Our name,, is prominently displayed on SOME of the promotional artworks. We have been asked to remove our name from ALL of the promotional materials despite the fact that we are the DE FACTO HOSTS of the event.

How’s that for team spirit?

Last night we had dinner with two members of Peace Fresno. One of them referred to the blind loyalty of community members to their dysfunctional leadership. The statement was: "They drank the Kool Ade" .

Peace Fresno shills for NeoCon / KMJ Propaganda Blitz Kool Ade Included! (April 13, 2010)

In a recent email distribution to his advertisers and associates, the editor of the Community Alliance accused us of attacking him. Pointing the finger at one’s accusers is standard operating procedure for a schoolyard bully, and he is living up to this perception every time he speaks.

We do not perceive what we write as attacks. We perceive what we are doing as OUTING DYSFUNCTIONAL BEHAVIOURS in our community. The community from which we are being culled due to our annoying habit of speaking out. We are being singled out because other affected parties ARE AFRAID TO OPEN THEIR MOUTHS.

The editor of the Community Alliance has accused us of trying to take over Peace Fresno.

This amazes me because past Presidents of Peace Fresno, BILL SIMON and SCOTT KEY, both encouraged us to run for President because we were great assets to the organization. The same people who are vexing us, vexed Bill and Scott. In fact, get this: During his Presidency, Scott Key remained impartial as chair as per Robert’s Rules. When the current President took office, Peace Fresno voted to waive that requirement for her term. She can now vote, move, advocate, etc. Under the same weasel worded bylaws, Scott Key was not afforded such privileges, and meeting after meeting he buttoned his lip about things he was passionate about.

The bylaws are worded so vaguely that they can be capriciously applied and if desired, changed at every meeting with a show of hands. We brought in the actual current edition of Robert’s Rules to the next meeting. The members in attendance refused to consider the actual book, or read the copies of actual tracts from the book which were presented to the board prior to the meeting. Occurrences like this are why the leadership of Peace Fresno doesn’t want anybody recording the meetings.

Because they reserve the right to determine which sitting President gets the privilege of dropping impartiality, senior Peace also objected to my motion to amend the bylaws so that all future Presidents should have the same rights. The motion was passed despite their objections. The actual initiation of a bylaws change was tabled until after the Peace Festival. Since we are being excommunicated from the community, it will probably remain tabled indefinitely. Or perhaps even redacted from the official minutes. They vote on the redaction of "inconvenient items" at the meetings, you know. Last month, we had several "inconvenient items" pop up at the meeting which were whitewashed or omitted from the draft copy of the official minutes. I mean, we tried to get the Secretary to correct the minutes, we presented him with a tape recording of the meeting to facilitate that and to this day he has still not corrected the minutes to accurately reflect the inconvenient issues.

With procedures like this in place, how could ANYBODY take over Peace Fresno?

In that email distribution, the editor of the Community Alliance discusses the issue of ad size. He writes:

"I will say that Val and John’s bringing the Peace Fresno ad size to our attention did have one positive outcome. I was not aware of the problem until it was pointed out. By being aware of the situation, we now monitor the ads sizes more closely and as far as I know, ad sizes are now always as specified. By the way, nobody else has ever complained
about an ad size in the CA, other than John and Val."

Well, people DID complain about ad sizes, but they got "the treatment" and dropped the subject. We were told this by a Peace Fresno board member after a Peace Fresno meeting. I wonder if he would admit saying this now? I mean, if anybody speaks up against the editor of the Community Alliance, they get shunned like people in a cult who won’t drink the Kool-Ade.

The editor of the Community Alliance never thanked us for pointing out the ad size problem. Instead he responded by refusing to have any dealings directly with us. His sales director suggested that Peace Fresno drop us as their artist and pay Hume Printers for the work we were doing for free. Some of the members of Peace Fresno objected to firing us as artists just because the editor of the Community Alliance had a tantrum. The result of losing that battle was that similar letters to the one I am quoting above were sent out. A “vote of confidence” was called for at the very next Peace Fresno meeting where the FRIENDS of the editor of the Community Alliance came to vote that Peace Fresno has confidence in him (despite having been included on the distribution list wherein the editor had a tantrum and blamed us for being troublemakers). Subsequently, the treasurer of Peace Fresno had to deliver the ad copy we made because the editor of the Community Alliance would not run it if it came directly from us.

Now, does this look like the response of someone who is grateful for being informed? We didn’t think so, and we saved all the correspondence for anybody to see, showing the editor’s tantrum including all the blame shifting he did. We may well publish it here, especially in light of the editor telling a great big fib about being grateful for our input. He actually took our input and shoved it up Peace Fresno’s goesouta, causing us to incur inconvenience and hard feelings. He certainly never communicated any form of gratitude to us, instead he compared us to a fussy customer he had in the past and told the readership of his distribution list that he had come to the same conclusion regarding us.





So, EDITOR, it’s time to put up or shut up. Or I’ll put it up FOR you.

Oh, by the way, EDITOR: We have not renewed our subscription, but you still send your paper to us. We won’t be bullied into paying for stuff we didn’t order. Don’t have your sales director call us and tell us to "pay what we can". We don’t like what you did to the Central Valley Water Consortium. They ordered 1/8 page ad and without consulting them, you increased it in size to 1/2 page. Then your sales director called the Consortium to ask if they wouldn’t mind paying more for the ad. Is this just a weird business practice or is it editorializing? In a real newspaper, they would have received that ad for FREE because IT WASN’T WHAT THEY ORDERED. I prepared the ad myself, and it was exactly 1/8 page when it was submitted so please do not try to blame me.

Increasing the size of ads for causes you promote while obscuring or shrinking ads of those people you don’t support is actually editorializing. Unethical as it may be, you can’t claim the high road on this because those you favour are presented in a better light. Nobody who purchases an ad from you is told that you reserve the right to use their ads for your own purposes. A paid ad should run the size it is contracted for, not bigger, not smaller, not darker, not distorted in shape or colour.

So much for the issue of ADS in the Community Alliance.

Now we point out another lapse of ethics emanating from the editor of the Community Alliance and Peace Fresno leadership and the same baby games are ensuing- calling for a "vote of confidence" at the Peace Fresno meeting, excommunicating us from the Community Alliance for NO ACTUAL REASON, labeling our reports as "attacks", and launching an innuendo campaign like the one the editor of the Community Alliance sent out to his advertisers and friends.

I would like to bring this discussion back to the original issue:

We disagree with the WHOLESALE DECEPTION of the PROGRESSIVE COMMUNITY in regards to the true nature of the Sunbird Conservatives event. This deception facilitates sales of tickets.

Let’s talk about the editor of the Community Alliance’s response to our attempt to publicize this deception for a minute. We happened to witness how he handles dissension in person.

When the discussion came up at the Central Valley Progressive PAC meeting on Saturday, the editor flounced out of the room in a huff. While he was in absentia, Jay Matthew presented a glossy full colour brochure of the event, and we all had a nice discussion about why anybody in the progressive community would vote, as Peace Fresno did, to buy tickets or sponsor such an event.

Where was the editor, "the Journalist", when an actual brochure for the event materialized?

Outside somewhere, sulking. Not inside looking at the material like everybody else was. If he hears no evil and sees no evil, he certainly can’t be held accountable to those who look to him to alert the community to the evils afoot.

In what medium has the editor of the Community Alliance presented an accurate account of the facts regarding the Sunbirds Conference? Has he ever presented anybody with a link to the Sunbirds own site? I know Peace Fresno didn’t when they called for their vote. I reckon the Fresno Center for Nonviolence didn’t either. Look at their website:

It’s listed as a DEBATE not a Conference. And the members are asked to pay the FULL SUNBIRD PRICE for admission.


Debate 4/17/10


Michael Parenti and Victor Davis Hanson will debate: Imperial America; American Foreign Policy Past, Present, and Future. This Debate will discuss the question of American Empire, intervention, military power, the War on Terror, the Iraq War, the Obama Era, and numerous other avenues of American Foreign Policy throughout our history from a Conservative and Progressive point of view.

Debaters will have opening statements, rebuttals, and ask each other questions as well as take questions from the audience. A Snack bar will be on hand. Books from both authors will be for sale.

Tickets $20 in-advance $25 at the door. For more information call 559-237-3223


Here’s another relevant issue:


We know they are misrepresenting the facts in order to gain support and sell tickets and sponsorships. Here are the facts they are misrepresenting:

The Sunbirds Conference is being palmed off as a debate only instead of a two day propaganda blitz, the nature of the Sunbirds mission and agenda is not disclosed, and the nature of the sponsorship (KMJ) of the event is not disclosed. At the Peace Fresno meeting wherein this was voted on, Peace Fresno leadership made contradictory and confusing statements that can be interpreted several ways. We recorded the meeting, and you can hear what they say on the subject of "Sponsorship" and "Cost of Tickets" etc.

Peace Fresno voted to buy and sell the tickets for $10, but according to a member of the Fresno Center for Nonviolence, the President of Peace Fresno told her they were selling for as much as $15. Now we discover that the Fresno Center for Nonviolence is selling them for $20. That is the same price the Sunbirds charge, but the contact information from the FCNV is their own number. Why didn’t they refer people to the Sunbird’s site to buy the tickets directly? Are they making money on this? Inquiring minds want to know. The sleight of hand presentations deflect deflect deflect any direct responses to such questions.

Finally, Rhodes delivers this stinking load to his email distribution list:

"Val’s attacks have not been limited to the debate. They wrote and distributed vicious emails about a perceived problem with a Peace Fresno ad, they have attacked me on the homeless issue, criticized the CA’s support of the debate, and now they are back to attacking Dan and I about the (old) ad issue."

As for the homeless issue, it was discussed on this thread:

How is what I wrote an attack?

The fact is the Board of Peace Fresno voted against endorsing that event for the reasons stated in the above article- under it’s 503(c)4 charter, Peace Fresno cannot endorse or support any act of disruption or civil disobedience because it is a tax exempt public benefit corporation. The press conference was intended to publicize the takeover of bank foreclosed homes. Peace Fresno rightfully voted that supporting civil disobedience is an individual’s choice.

But the editor of the Community Alliance wanted our endorsement to legitimize his event. He and his cronies had a pow wow to find a way to circumvent the legitimate Peace Fresno vote. They decided upon a strategy: They would come to another meeting and tell the Board whatever they thought would get a YES vote. Sooo… a chosen Peace Fresno board member came to a subsequent meeting and told what turned out to be a great big whopping MISREPRESENTATION to get the membership to retract their original vote. That MISREPRESENTATION was that at the press conference, there would be no mention of homeless people violating the law. Well, that didn’t happen. We watched it on TV. A map was shown with pins in it indicating which properties were targeted for takeover by homeless people. Here is the station’s transcript:

Homeless Upset With Fresno City Hall (
Posted: Dec 10, 2009 10:36 PM Dec 10, 2009 10:36 PM)

By: Rich Rodriguez

Homeless advocates in Fresno are putting the city on notice. They claim Fresno City Hall isn’t doing enough to get them out of the freezing cold. Homeless advocates were pointing fingers today at Fresno’s Homeless Czar.

They accused him of hoarding federal dollars. Reverend Floyd Harris says that $4.9 million can be used to create a campground where homeless families can be safe.

Greg Barfield Fresno’s Homeless Prevention and Policy Manager says the federal stimulus money totals $4.7 million over three years not one and it just became available this week.

Barfield says it allows for folks to be diverted from shelter whether it’s the Rescue Mission or family shelter Povarello House and it also provides some additional funding for people who are on the street.

Barfield says the downside about the money is to qualify you have to have some source of income and a long term ability to pay for housing. Homeless people say they’ve discovered new places to stay warm they’re living in foreclosed homes.

Reverend Floyd Harris says "you and I paid for those homes with our tax dollars. We bailed out the banks so I feel some ownership of these homes.

Alfonso Williams a homeless man says there’s 165 bank foreclosed homes in Fresno that we know of and I’m sure there’s more that we can find out about. I assure you that we’ve already starting taking those homes over.

Alfonso Williams says homeless people have no intention of vandalizing foreclosed homes. They’re just taking advantage of the free shelter. The homeless did score a minor victory involving their illegal encampment at Ventura and "F" street.

They’re squatting on private property and the city ordered them out by this Sunday. Now city hall has decided they don’t have to leave until after Christmas


Now, this actually mentions the takeover of private property by the homeless, as part of the thrust of the press conference. In fact, look at what Reverend Floyd is quoted as saying.

You might not know that after Peace Fresno agreed to vote in favour of the Press Conference on a Peace Fresno board member’s assurance that none of the above would happen, KFCF aired a PSA stating that there would be a caravan to a foreclosed home which would be taken over as part of the event. This resulted in at least one angry phone call to the station from member of Peace Fresno. I discovered that because the Treasurer of Peace Fresno noticed that the board member’s word was not being kept, and I agreed myself to call the station. The station manager was very defensive, having already received one irate call. I think KFCF can lose their charter if they promote illegal acts on the radio.

Now, the editor of the Community Alliance labels such discussion as "attacks". Well, we were deceived, plain and simple.

They can do all this stuff to deceive us, but we are not supposed to talk about it.

Oh well, that is all for now.

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