KMJ Uncovers Massive State Government Conspiracy!

In what can only be considered a journalistic “coup”, intrepid reporters  from Fresno Clear Channel Radio Affiliate KMJ have discovered a Statewide Government Conspiracy to waste taxpayer’s money and time.  This conspiracy involves an elaborate “sucker punch” gambit designed to lure taxpayers into booking “free” “public use” space for their events and meetings only to discover later that there IS actually no Free Public Use space available in State buildings according to Government Code 8314.  This Code prohibits Government employees from booking facilities currently offered to the public by the State.  This links to the cited California Code.

One such “public use” venue is located at 2550 Mariposa Mall, Fresno California.  When unsuspecting taxpayers visit the website of the California Department of General Services, they are informed:

“The Real Estate Services Division, Building and Property Management Branch, has provided a directory of conference rooms available in DGS owned buildings for use by state agencies and the public.”

The DGS "Bait"

The site further mentions the availability of public use facilities, which lulls the taxpayer into a false sense of security.  The taxpayer is given the following options:

“To see a list of all State-owned conference rooms available for State Agency or Public Use, click here.

To search for State-owned conference rooms available for State Agency or Public Use, click here.”

Following the search for Fresno area facilities, we discover that Room 1036, aka “the Assembly Hall” is indeed listed as being available for Public Use (symbol UP).

Fresno specific "bait"

The unsuspecting taxpayer is invited to book the room for “Free” according to building management.  If the event is held after hours, the taxpayer must part with overtime for the security guard.  The event may be booked months in advance, which further serves to encourage the taxpayer that all is right with their booking arrangement.

The punchline comes when the taxpayer gets an early morning wake up call from building management.  The taxpayer is informed that they cannot use the facility because a “radio station” has called Sacramento to protest the speaker the taxpayer has booked.

On the surface, this appears to be an infringement of the First Amendment Rights all citizens are entitled to enjoy.  But the conspirators can counter any such claim.

Two additional reasons will be given for retracting the offer of free public use one after another.  First:  “We are not allowed to book facilities after hours”.  Finally the coup de grace, “It is a violation of Government Code 8314” which is cited as maintaining that public resources may not be used by the public.

The spirit of the Code intends to prevent the misuse of California Government Facilities by employees and officials, not prevent reasonable use by the general public, but it is conveniently misconstrued to appear to apply to citizens in general.

“(a)It is unlawful for any elected state or local officer, including any state or local appointee, employee, or consultant, to use or permit others to use public resources for a campaign activity, or personal or other purposes which are not authorized by law.”

Close inspection reveals that the Code does not address the use of specially designated “public use” areas – a loophole which is exploited by the Conspirators. This results in a situation wherein Sacramento can choose which members of the public can use the facility.

Recently, this gambit was initiated against four Fresno non profit and public benefit groups when they attempted to book an educational movie screening and Q&A session featuring a convenient target of opportunity for “Hate Radio” devotees suffering from chronic ennui, who engaged in much self righteous puffery when the plug was pulled on the event.  The back slapping and merriment came to an abrupt end as it became clear that the “sucker punch” didn’t land on the “progressive/liberal/commiepinko” chin as expected.   In this case, chaos was diverted as a result of a contingency plan unbeknownst to the Government Conspirators.

Other groups using the same designated “public use” facility have not yet received notice that it is illegal for them to assemble there.  These organizations include the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee, the Youth Leadership Institute, the California Labor Federation and Juan Arambula (who for six years has hosted an annual Open House Christmas Party therein).

We thank KMJ for exposing this grand scheme to disrupt the lives of innocent taxpayers who donate their efforts, money and lives to supporting and promoting Free Speech activities and good causes.

God Bless America!  God Save the Constitution!

And God Bless KMJ for it’s constant vigilance.

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