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This is from the KMJNow website:

“Why is a group called Center for Non-Violence sponsoring an event with Bill Ayers, a man accused of violent activity in the 1960s and 70s? Dan Yaseen, a group board member say, because they were asked to by the organizer.

“We did not discuss the why and what of the event,” board member Dan Yaseen tells KMJ. “He was a figure of the 60s anti-war movement .”

That information was taken from an interview with Dan Yaseen that was aired on KMJ.

Now the phrase “because they were asked to by the organizer” could be construed as making Yaseen and the Center for Non-Violence look rather silly, since it suggests a serious failure on their part to do due diligence. However, as one of the organizers of the event, I want to go on record to correct the facts of this lie, which is what it is, pure and simple.  The subject of Bill Ayers’ visit was first broached with Peace Fresno on the 27th of February, when I wrote an email to the entire Board of Directors of Peace Fresno that stated:

“Please add an agenda item for this coming Tuesday to discuss the possibility of Peace Fresno sponsoring a screening of the movie “The Weather Underground” here in Fresno in the late April time frame, most likely April 24th.  Former member of the Weathermen and so-called “Obama mentor” Bill Ayers would be on hand to discuss the film and participate in a Question and Answer session afterward.  Ayers is currently a professor of education at the University of Illinois in Chicago.”

Dan Yaseen is a vice president of Peace Fresno and was a recipient of that email.

That same day, I also forwarded a copy of that same email to Angela Price of the Fresno Center for Non-Violence and to the editor of a small, non-adjudicated local newspaper.

The event was then discussed in detail at a Peace Fresno meeting on March 9th. Dan Yaseen attended that meeting. He was a part of the discussion and voted to support the event. This was prior to the vote by the Fresno Center for Non-Violence on supporting the event. Dan Yaseen was fully informed from that March 9th meeting on as to just exactly what the Bill Ayers event was to involve. To suggest that the Fresno Center for Non-Violence was somehow misled or duped into being a part of the Bill Ayers event in Fresno is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. It is untrue. It is false. It is a lie.

Here is the link to the KMJNow item:

Click here to see the KMJNow news item

I have the emails and other proof of the facts of this matter.  Just ask if you don’t believe me, I’m not the one who is misrepresenting things here.

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