The Case of the Vanishing Crowd

There were a LOT of people at this year’s Peace and Justice Festival. We estimated 600 people in addition to the tablers and supporting staff, which would have made for a total of 800 or more. We see that the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee largely agrees with us; they estimate on their site that there were 1000 people in attendance. One myopic individual estimated that there were only 150 attendees who were not “vendors or representing groups” and that is what went into the PF minutes, if you can believe it. This estimate came from the same individual who estimated the “crowd” at the 2009 Rally in the Valley as 300 people. Talk about rewriting history! I think he had his binoculars backwards this year.

Hey guys, why not take up a collection for some new eyeglasses or maybe a new quill for your scrivener!?!?!?

You can read the FCDCC story by clicking here.

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