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§Correction: Peace Fresno Board Members Resign for Reasons Other Than Stated Above
by Val Maylone- ex PF Board Member
Sunday May 2nd, 2010 12:59 PM
I need to correct a misconception presented in the above article.

Three of the most active, productive and professional members of the Peace Fresno Board (including a founding member- the TREASURER) resigned in protest over the issue of abusive and deceptive tactics and improprieties engaged in by the senior Peace Fresno officers- of which the Sunbird issue is an example. There are long standing systemic abuses of process and of good faith in the management at Peace Fresno that we have been noticing and attempting to correct, but find ourselves outnumbered and therefore ineffectual.

I am very glad that the author of this piece referred to the “vote of confidence” taken at the last Peace Fresno meeting. Three longstanding Board members who were actually privy to the inner workings voted with their feet. Another person, a young, competent, dedicated and productive intern whom I can document was abused by the President of Peace Fresno, will not be coming back either. Anybody who joins that organization or any of the organizations peopled by the Editor of the Community Alliance, the President of Peace Fresno, and the First Vice President of Peace Fresno will begin to see mismanagement and abuse, it’s only a matter of time.

The deceptive presentation the Peace Fresno Board was given of the Sunbird Conservatives Conference is only one in a long stream of such abuses. When we realized that we had been misinformed, four members asked the President for a revote. Our President IGNORED these repeated requests while continuing to hard sell tickets throughout the community. Knowing that the Board was in fact misinformed, the sales of tickets should have halted, and a new vote should have been immediately taken based on correct assumptions by one and all members. Instead, the President refused to even answer any of our repeated communications and waited until the next Peace Fresno meeting weeks away to address the issue, all the while hawking the contested tickets. A President dealing in good faith would be appalled that the Board or Membership were misinformed, and would have called a special meeting so that we could all properly represent the membership of Peace Fresno. Instead, she got the ball in her hands and ran for the goalposts, flanked by the Editor of the Community Alliance and the First Vice President of Peace Fresno who is also on the Board of the Fresno Center for NonViolence and the Sales Rep for the Community Alliance. This triumvirate approached a number of other groups with the same lack of full disclosure.

So, the fact is that we did not disagree with the Sunbird Conference, we disagreed with the way it was marketed to our Board by our senior officers who had reason to believe that Peace Fresno Board and Membership would vote against ticket sales and sponsorship had they been fully informed. We also objected to the President and Vice President offering tickets for sale for $10 & $15 when Peace Fresno specifically voted to sell them for $10. This is another example in a long list of similar instances of the senior officers disregarding the will of the Board and Membership whilst they “do their own thing”.

The cultish “vote of confidence” sideshow cannot erase these kinds of abuses. It is tantamount to abusers and their enablers “circling the wagons” when anybody raises any kind of objection to their mismanagement. It is important for the readers to understand who all is present at these “vote of confidence” meetings. At this last “vote of confidence”, most of those present were not privy to the issues at hand, most of those present had not come to meetings in the prior year, most of those present did NOT know anything about the members who resigned and why. They also did not know that the members who resigned represented the bulk of the volunteer workforce in regards to expenditures of time, money, effort, and effectiveness.

This is the second “vote of confidence” I have been privy to at Peace Fresno. The first involved an issue that we had with the Community Alliance shortchanging paid ad size. We were volunteering at that time, we were not on the Board, but we wrote to the Board about our ads being changed and shorted. I have saved all the correspondence and will publish it on in the upcoming weeks so you can see the abuse of authority for yourselves.

The Editor of the Community Alliance at first denied that any ad copy was shortchanged, then admitted that Peace Fresno’s ads had been shortchanged but no others. Finally, when presented with incontrovertible evidence that shortchanging ad size was a constant longstanding and systemic problem at the Community Alliance, he did not thank us for pointing out this serious problem as he stated in a recent email distribution to his friends and clients. He responded by having a snit and refusing to take any ad copy directly from us (which he is also doing now). In reviewing the correspondence, it is clear that the Editor of the Community Alliance didn’t see anything wrong with shortchanging paid ad size, saying something to the effect that “nobody complains when I make the ads BIGGER”. Well, they actually do not like their ads to run larger either, especially if they get a phone call from the Sales Rep asking for more money for a bigger ad they did not order.

In any event, this occurred in May of 2009. The Community Alliance Editor would not accept our ad copy. Peace Fresno members (except the Vice President of Membership who was also the Sales Rep for the CA) wanted me to continue to prepare the ads, so the decision was that I would hand the ads to the Treasurer who would then hand the ads to the Editor. HOW BIZARRE IS THAT?

Because I proved beyond any shadow of any doubt that the Community Alliance was in the LONGSTANDING HABIT of shortchanging ad size, the friends of the Editor had do do some kind of DAMAGE CONTROL. The same members who called for a “vote of confidence” at the last Peace Fresno meeting called for a “vote of confidence” at that time. As happened this time, a bunch of people who never came to meetings showed up to vote their confidence in the Editor of the Community Alliance. Nobody cared that volunteers were being bullied and marginalized because they expressed a legitimate concern regarding the way ads run in the Community Alliance. They cared that the Editor was unhappy because someone noticed that he was engaging in bad faith dealings with his clientele. Those who arrived to vote were not privy to the situation. There was an effective cover up of the situation, and an effective marginalizing of those who noticed and spoke up about a problem which had to be corrected.

It should also be noted under the heading of “CULTLIKE” that friends, clients and associates of the three Board members who resigned are ALSO being SHUNNED in the community, and frozen out of groups that the Editor of the Community Alliance, the President of Peace Fresno, and the First Vice President of Peace Fresno influence. The Editor of the Community Alliance who also sits on the Central Valley Progressive PAC Board blackballed our membership. He is refusing to take ad copy we prepare (for free) from our clients who save money by using our service. Friends of ours who sit on the same boards at the Editor of the Community Alliance are being targeted by bizarre mind games designed to cause them to step down. In other words, whatever his gripe is with us, he is spreading it around to innocent parties, and attempting to eliminate our voice from groups who could benefit from our inclusion.

This isn’t the same as saying that the Fresno Area Activist Community is big enough for everyone to find a place. It is saying that there are a few influential individuals who are engaged in gatekeeping and deflections to draw attention away from their misdeeds. They will continue to engage in this destructive and divisive behaviour until they themselves are marginalized . In the meantime, I intend to document each and every misdeed that I have been privy to and report certain activities I have noticed to the proper authorities.

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