BOINC a Better World

You can help build a better world just by using your computer.

BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) consists of a small software package that you install on your computer.  It uses whatever amount of processor space you are NOT using to analyze small packets of data.   You get to choose which projects you support.  You can choose to support projects from such diverse categories as Biology and Medicine, Astronomy, Mathematics and Earth Sciences.

Once you set up BOINC, it will run itself analyze data packets and exchange the analysis for new data packets.  You can make changes any time you wish, or just set it up and let it run.  It is supported by volunteers like you all over the world as well as by businesses who “loan” available CPU time to these various causes.  YOU can be part of the biggest “supercomputer” on Earth.

Click here to learn about BOINC.

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