NEWS FLASH!!!! Is the CIA Front a CIA Front???

We have it on good authority that rumors are being spread around Fresno (by yet another person who has never met us) that we are a CIA front organization.   What a clever idea; let’s call our CIA front organization the CIA Front!!  Damn we’re good!!  Hiding in plain sight; that’s a move taken right out of the top secret Official CIA Secret Spy Handbook.  It’s right there on page 427….check it out!

Well, we may actually be, because I do have two incriminating documents:

I DO have a letter from Bill Clinton thanking me for all my years of loyal service and I DO have a letter from Norman Mailer thanking me for pointing out some errors that he made in his book “Oswald’s Tale”.  Very suspicious!  How do I know more about the JFK assassination than Norman Mailer?  I guess that means that I was the man on the grassy knoll………

Wish I could promise you a film at 11!

(And I wish someone could explain to me how Fresno came to be blessed with so many people who think they know so much about people they’ve never met.)

If we WERE CIA, wouldn’t it make more sense to slip us into a “gatekeeper” position? You know, give us a small newspaper to manage, help us infiltrate a bunch of boards of directors where we could monitor the activity of many organizations. That way we could really raise hell! We could denounce right wing radio, then hop into the sack with them………ask for a lot of “votes of confidence” to consolidate our power base. We could advocate “free speech” and justice while simultaneously being ineffectual and working hard to purge from the community anyone who seemed effective or who disagreed with us.

Wouldn’t that put us in the “catbird seat”?

Wonder if that’s been done before???

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