Remembering Students Shot for Exercising Their Right To Free Speech

May 4th marked the 40th Anniversary of the incident at Kent State University in Ohio when National Guard troops opened fire on students who were guilty of no greater crime than protesting the war in Viet Nam. Four were killed, nine were wounded.

It happened in our America.

We must always remember that the Bill of Rights is not carved in stone. It is malleable, as the Patriot Act proves.

Please always do everything you can to speak out and to speak your mind. We must be a nation of people, not “sheeple”, and that is an end to which we can all strive by simply being ourselves, being vocal; speaking out and allow and encourage others to do the same. We did not agree with much of what the demonstrators at the Bill Ayers event had to say, but they spoke their minds and they let Bill speak his. That is what makes America great. Don’t sacrifice this freedom, fight for it every chance you get. The Kent State students died for this freedom, as have millions through the ages.

When we take the stance that it’s “my way or the highway” we cease to be America; we become the oppressor we sought to speak out against.

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