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We Win One – No Clowns For The Fair

Sarah Palin

Apparently, the plans to bring Sarah Palin to the Big Fresno Fair have fallen through. I could not be more relieved.

To see the story, click here.

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Afghanistan – Not So QuickThere………….

Did you think that we would be getting out of Afghanistan any time soon? Well, if you did, think again. See what the New York Times says about Afghanistan’s future. Oh, and all that lithium in very handy for making high tech batteries……..


Critters Want (And Need) Freedom, Too.

This June 19th is an International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos. Before you chuckle, read the linked page and see who all is supporting this. Then THINK about it:

Johnny Clegg with Nelson Mandela

Two of my heroes; Johnny Clegg with Nelson Mandela.

Johnny Clegg was born in England, raised in South Africa and adopted the Zulu people as his own. He is too complicated and diverse for me to describe here, so please, check him out on Wikipedia. His mixed race musical groups, Juluka and Savuka were very

We Floated Through the Rainbow Pride Parade

Saturday the 5th of June was the 20th Annual Rainbow Pride Parade in Fresno. We loaned our truck to the Stonewall Democrats and helped them turn it into a “Wizard of Oz” themed float. It was great fun.

You can see more pictures of the day by clicking here, including a

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