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It CAN Happen Here

Take a terrorist attack, throw in the Patriot Act and an economy in desperate need of jobs and this is what happens. This could expand to everywhere or anywhere. We are teetering on the edge of that Big Brother state we used to think of as just dark science fiction. Click on the link below:

Looking Into Non-Profits

We love the concept of non-profit organizations. Heck, we ARE a non-profit organization. The good that is done for this country by non-profit organizations is incalculable. They make us healthier, they help cure disease, they enrich our lives daily in so many ways.

We think that everyone should have at least one non-profit organization that

Support Single Payer Health Care

Illness is too profitable in American. Yes, doctors and nurses and drug companies work hard to create a world in which we can be well and healthy, but why should we also be funneling massive amounts of money into insurance companies and management systems. Study and consider supporting a single payers system; let’s put our

We Had Nothing To Do With It, Honest!!!

Allegations that Afghan President Hamid Karzai, his half brother Ahmed Wali Karzai and his aide Mohammed Zia Salehi have strong CIA connections have come as a complete shock to us…….we know none of them. Read about it here.

But seriously, is anyone surprised about this?

We’re Now On Facebook

You can now visit us on Facebook. Check it out here.

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