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Follow the links in this mailing we received regarding the 500,000,000 tainted eggs that were distributed in our food supply system:

Hi John,

The news has gotten worse since the last e-mail I sent you: This recall now includes more than half a billion salmonella-tainted eggs, sold under 24 name brands, and 1,300 reported illnesses. [1] [2]

Congress responded by launching an “inquiry” on Monday. I can tell you right now what that inquiry will show: The rules that should protect our food supply have not been updated in 70 years, and the FDA lacks any real power to keep unsafe food off our breakfast tables.

If you haven’t yet, urge your senators to modernize the FDA so that it can police mega-farms and other big food producers.

Click here to tell your senators: Protect our food supply, pass the FDA Modernization Act.

You’ll join thousands who already have — and while the response has been great so far, if we are going to get Congress to act when they return to Washington in September, we need your help.

The number of farms selling eggs in this country has dropped 92% in the last 20 years. Now, a small number of mega-farms supply 95% of the eggs we eat, which means a problem at just one or two farms affects millions of people. [3]

Sign here to call on your senators to pass the FDA Modernization Act.

This is a common-sense bill that will update the food safety net to make sure the FDA has the tools to ensure the food we buy meets basic safety standards, but the industry — from mega-farms to big food processing plants — is pushing to preserve the status quo.

Tell Congress that recall after recall is unacceptable. We shouldn’t have to wait for thousands to get sick before we pull dangerous food off the market.

Click below to help give the FDA the ability to stand up to the special interests and give us all some peace of mind.


Andre Delattre
U.S. PIRG Executive Director

P.S. Thanks for your support. Please feel free to share this e-mail with your friends and family.

[1] If you have purchased eggs covered by the recall, you should return them to the store. For more information:

[2] Half a billion eggs have been recalled, CNN, Aug 20. 2010.

[3] As egg producers consolidate, problems of just one company can be far-reaching, Washington Post, Aug 24. 2010.

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