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Thank You Salvatore Giunta

We oppose war and the politics that drive it. But we also have the utmost respect for those who wage war and risk their lives in the name of freedom and democracy. Click HERE to read a bit about Salvatore Giunta; pay special attention to the Medal of Honor citation. This is the

I Guess Some of Us Are More Equal Than Others

Do we REALLY practice freedom of religion in this country, or is that a myth? See what one organization has to say about it by clicking here.

Sign Up In Opposition To The War

If it’s dawned on you that President Obama and the members of Congress don’t pay much attention to folks standing on a corner in BFE waving signs, try putting your name into cyberspace along with the likes of Tam Hayden. It saves shoe leather and is a lot more likely to actually come to

It Can Happen Here, And Here’s Some of the Background on Why It’s Happening

The comic character Pogo is quoted as having said “We have met the enemy and he is us”. Did you ever wonder why our Democracy is slipping into an oligarchy (which is very similar to WW II Germany’s “National Socialism”)? This document will help you understand. Remember also that some of the Nazi sympathizers

Your Help is Needed Now – Stop Animal Crush Videos

Animal Legal Defense Fund Action Alert!

Dear Val,

Your help is needed in the U.S. House of Representatives!

In late September, we asked for your help in getting the U.S. Senate to act on anti-crush legislation, previously passed the U.S House of Representatives — and they did! Now, due to some changes made to the

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