Hold on, Obscurity, here comes Fresno’s activist community!!!

We have now verified that the Queen of Mean, having presided over the depletion of one local activist group and assisted in the depletion of yet another is now positioning herself to reach deep into the pockets of yet a third organization, no doubt intending to bleed that organization dry as she seeks to feed her insatiable ego with half witted projects and mind numbing appearances in front of local media cameras. She’ll push anyone out of the nest who gets in her way!

The local “progressive movement” has marginalized itself to the point of becoming a joke, except they are all so wrapped up in it that they fail to see the humor.

Doesn’t it ever dawn on anyone that they’ve been doing it for all these years and only see the same old faces?

The few new faces who do show up generally wind up running away in horror.

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  • admin

    The people who read these posts and think I’m full of fecal matter should pay more attention to where their organizational funds go.

    For example; say you vote to spend $200 to buy tickets to resell for a debate between Howdy Doody and Mr Bluster. Don’t you ever notice that there’s never a reimbursement to the treasury for the sold tickets?

    You vote to buy items that members are seen selling and you never notice that the treasury doesn’t get reimbursed for the income from sales?

    Get real folks, it’s an elitist club, not an activist community. You might as well be meeting in a tree house in Spanky or Alfalfa’s back yard.

  • Sheep find it very difficult to identify a wolf when it is wearing sheep’s clothing. That’s because sheep keep their heads down and pretend that because they are bunched together in a group, no harm can befall them.

    Nobody will notice that this is happening. They will see a lot of infighting as the reasonable, professional, loyal members stand against the interlopers. Unfortunately, the wolves don’t play fair, and the loyal and dedicated members who stand against them will be badjacketed and marginalized instead of the wolves.

    The boards of directors of the first two affected orgs of which admin speaks are peopled by several of the same wolves who masterminded the two aforementioned rapes. The third org of which admin speaks has not seated any of these people as officers. They come asking for money. I am pretty sure there will not be an adequate accounting of how exactly that money was spent, whether there were donations taken to offset the outlay, and where those donations actually went.

    In the first two affected orgs, the wolves were enabled by board members who didn’t show up to meetings, who didn’t pay attention to expenditures and reimbursements, who don’t ask questions when something appeared un-businesslike. Maybe they are oblivious, maybe they are cowards. It’s a lot easier to keep your head down and your mouth shut when drawing attention to irregularities and mismanagement results in being excommunicated from the “progressive community”, receiving threats against one’s safety from drunken members of the “progressive community”, and smear campaigns launched via email behind one’s back by the self-proclaimed “voice of the progressive community”.

    Too bad. The targeted organization will be marginalized in the greater Fresno area community and rendered ineffectual. The infighting will result in attrition of the most dedicated and effective volunteers, while the wolves in sheep’s clothing put their paws out for money without presenting an accurate accounting.

    Presumably, “nickle and diming” various local non profit treasuries is how they manage to live beyond their apparent means. But that’s just my opinion, after having given fairly close scrutiny to the situation for over three years.

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