My Rant For The Day

I’m thinking that the Department of Defense should change its name back to the “War Department” like it was during WW II. I don’t feel defended by what they are doing. I feel offended. I feel that they’re taking a lot of money that should be spent here at home rebuilding our economy and instead pissing it down a hole keeping Halliburton, Blackwater, KBR and their ilk employed. That doesn’t feel like Defense to me, it feels like war and profiteering; the dark side of Capitalism. Why don’t the teabaggers and the Republicans take that one on? Why are wars in Iraq and Afghanistan somehow sacred while rebuilding our economy and implementing health care that might one day equal that of civilized nations are somehow seen as horrifying to them? I’m really confused. This is not the America I learned about in school.

Remember that I am a retired civilian employee of the DoD. I have great respect for our military and for the men who serve in it. I’d just feel a lot better if they were close to home, protecting me and my loved ones rather than half way around the world installing or propping up puppets the way we always seem to do. We preach democracy, but in the end we support dictators around the world because apparently we can’t manipulate foreign democracies the way we can dictators who owe their thrones to us. Remember the Shah of Iran? How about Hosni Mubarak? No need to suggest others, that would be a long long list were I to amend it.

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