Our Bonehead Of The Millennium Award Goes To:

It’s a bit early in the millennium to give this award and we do reserve the right to re-award it, but we find it difficult to imagine anything more damaging than the decision made by these five justices in the case of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission.

Yeah, we know, that Democracy in this country is only holding on by a thread anyway, but with their landmark decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, the U. S. Supreme Court delivered the head shot.  Death will be slow and painful in coming, but it is certain.

Democracy is on the way out.  Welcome to America, Inc.

When our founding fathers held that “all men are created equal” one can imagine that they envisioned a country wherein every man was free to raise his family and farm his land or keep his shop in peace and quiet, free from the tyranny, whim and taxation of a far away king or dictator.  They could not have envisioned the tremendous growth in population, the Industrial Revolution, the Internet, the growth of the banking industry or the commercialism, corporate monopolies and market domination that we see today…  But wait, they did actually experience a corporate monopoly; it was the British East India Company whose crown bestowed monopoly on the tea trade in the Colonies inspired the Boston Tea Party.  The East India Company was one of the things that drove them to create the American Revolution.

One can only imagine the horror our founding fathers would experience if they had a good taste of the emerging American, Inc.  Corporate greed, the Military-Industrial Complex, the bailing out of failed industries, not to mention the current attempts to undermine social security, Medicare, unions and the minimum wage.…….all of which ultimately seem at odds with the notion of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  To America, Inc. we are not men and women, we are “consumers”; we are to be trained to suck on the corporate teat and employed only to the extent that we have enough money to pay enough taxes to fund their imperialist adventures, corporate failures, and fill the corporate coffers with enough money to assure their continuing domination of we, the people.  They want us to have only enough to keep on working, just like the slaves who built the pyramids.  And just like the slaves who built the pyramids, they expect the old, the sick and the lame to just fall by the wayside and die of neglect.

Yes, gentlemen, whether you realize it or not, you blew it big time.

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