Take my wallet……..please………

I see that David Barsamian is coming back to Fresno for another appearance at a CSU Fresno Cineculture event on the 28th of September.  The last time he was here, Cineculture paid for his entire trip, including some off campus speaking engagements, but that didn’t stop other Fresno organizations from shuffling cash around under the banner of giving David more money, although exactly how much money was given and who wound up with it is unclear.

This time David will also be appearing off campus for a speaking engagement on the subject of Kashmir.  It is unknown if any local organizations are being solicited for funds, but one things is clear:  Mike needs money.  The flyer for the event states “$5 – $10 donation is requested to support the Community Alliance Newspaper.  No one will be turned away for a lack of money.”  The Alliance has been pleading for funds for a couple of months now.  I guess the club is shrinking ………. a natural result given that Mike treats the adoring multitude about the same way Mitt Romney treats the 47 percent.

I wonder if David knows he’s being used as a shill?


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