Do Something To Help Save Rescued Animals Now

Here is a site where you can help care for rescued animals in a number of ways……it’s as easy as just clicking on a link! CLICK HERE TO START HELPING.

An Easy Way To Raise Your Voice

One very easy way to let your opinions be heard is to join Just go to the web site and join. Once you are signed up, you can sign a variety of petitions on human rights issues with just a click of your mouse, with the option to add personal comments.

Tell Eric Cantor That He Is Wrong

Either House Majority Leader Eric Cantor doesn’t understand how Social Security works or he doesn’t care.

Just hours after President Obama said that Social Security cuts and privatization are off the table, Cantor said that Social Security had to be cut to balance the budget. But here’s the thing: Social Security does not and never has added a single dime to the federal deficit.

Let me try to explain this to Mr. Cantor. Social Security is paid for through the payroll tax. Currently, the payroll tax raises way more money than Social Security pays out and things are projected to keep going this way for another couple of decades.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? They add to the deficit. Tax breaks for billionaires? They add to the deficit. Subsidies for big oil? They add to the deficit. Bailing out Mr. Cantor’s friends on Wall Street when they make a bunch of shady deals, cause a financial crisis and almost ruin the world economy? That adds a lot to the deficit.

Simply put, Social Security will run a surplus for decades. The rest of the budget runs a deficit. So, why are we even talking about Social Security?

Here’s why: Eric Cantor and his right-wing friends want to destroy the program. That’s the only reason we’re having this conversation. Join me now and let’s send Eric Cantor and other members of Congress a message — Keep Social Security safe, stable and secure.


Help Save the Unimak Wolves

What would it take to justify using helicopters and gassing pups to
kill half the wolves in a federal wilderness area?

That’s exactly what federal officials are now proposing for the
wolves of Alaska’s Unimak Island… appeasing state
officials hungry for more predator control at the expense of sound

Help save the Unimak wolves. Please CLICK HERE to take action now.

Still Time to Rethink Afghanistan

You can add your thoughts, your name and your picture to the growing list of names at this link here.

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