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Mitt Romney Sings – Whole Lotta Buck$

Mitt Romney sings! Be sure to wait for the surprise ending!

Climate Change is REAL, Get Used To It!!!!!!

I wanted to put this on the site for a while.  It says it all.  For any climate change deniers, you may take this one in suppository form.  NASA produced this animation of global temperatures from 1880 through 2011.  It is very informative and very scary.

Fresno’s “Progressive Community” – A Real Human Tragedy

Fresno’s self designated “progressive community” is more like a high school clique than a viable organization.  It is dominated by a small number of people with substantial egos whose dealings are typically so devious that it is virtually impossible to get them to put anything in writing.  How many times did we see this web spun, starting with the phrase “we need to talk AFTER the meeting…….”?

One organization even proposed prohibiting the recording of it’s PUBLIC meetings because a recording of one meeting exposed it’s vice-president telling a lie in order to obtain additional funding for an event that was fully funded when it appeared that the funds would not otherwise be approved.  Why the need for extra funds?  To make the VP look big?  That would be my guess because the egos involved here are substantial.

In what real world can a person who never attends the meetings of an organization and who does nothing for that organization get himself “elected” to a board of directors just by saying that he wants to be on it?  Only in the fantasy land that is Fresno’s “progressive community”.  Members you don’t know and don’t see for 51 weeks of the year magically appear on election night to vote in the clique members and then dutifully disappear for 51 more weeks.  It’s as though Tony Blair sends a message to the US saying “I’m a good guy, I’d like to be your president” and on the weight of that letter, he magically gets elected president.  We even saw the vice president of one organization offer memberships that normally cost over $10 per year for 50 cents on election night because a bunch of friendly non-members showed up who were certain to take their voting cues from him.

And in what real community can a ranking member be voted reimbursment for something which they bought on their own and then resold without bothering to reimburse the treasury?  It happens in Fresno.

And rules?  Well, the rules are only applicable to non-clique members.  We remember one occasion when a  vote was taken to exclude all corporations from a planned event and in the very next meeting the president proposed including a corporation because a friend that she wanted to include happened to be associated with the corporation.

But the thing these people seem to fear most is young people with energy and ideas.  Time and again we saw this type of person show up, volunteer, work their asses off and then leave, never to be seen again, because rather than being appreciated for what they bring, they are seen as a threat to the status quo and are routinely used, abused, undermined  and discarded.  They work their butts off doing the grunt work to plan events then work themselves hard at the events while the clique members chat, pat each other on the back and eat free food provided by others.

These volunteers are never taught the secret handshake because God forbid, they might bring in their friends, wrest control from the clique and actually turn the club into a productive organization, then where would the clique be?

They remind me of the Little Rascals’ “He Man Woman Hater’s Club”, meeting in a tree fort in Spanky’s back yard and because of their fears, one of the lowest priorities among them is actually recruiting newer, younger members, so fortunately, like the He-Man Woman Haters club, they are doomed to eventual extinction.

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