Looking Into Non-Profits

We love the concept of non-profit organizations. Heck, we ARE a non-profit organization. The good that is done for this country by non-profit organizations is incalculable. They make us healthier, they help cure disease, they enrich our lives daily in so many ways.

We think that everyone should have at least one non-profit organization that they believe in and to which they lend their support, not just financially, but their time as well, because it takes thoughtful and caring persons working together to turn someone’s concept of a non-profit organization or cause into a viable organization that embodies the mission at it’s heart and actually serves the public as a whole.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be posting here some of our thoughts and the thoughts of others as to what makes a good non-profit and how you can determine if the non-profit that you THINK you’d like to help is actually worthy of your time and attention.