If you are not an absentee voter, please by all means get out tomorrow and vote.

Please keep these propositions in mind when you do:

Vote “No” on Prop. 16. This statewide ballot measure was written and funded by PG&E to eliminate efforts to give customers alternatives to their high electricity rates and energy sources.

Vote “Yes” on Prop. 15. Prop 15 would create a pilot project for the Secretary of State elections, enabling candidates who can demonstrate public support to receive limited public funds for their campaign, rather than relying on special interest fund raising.

Tell The Big Fresno Fair To “Just Say No” to Sarah Palin

As KFSN channel 30 reports, the Big Fresno Fair is courting Sarah Palin for an appearance at this year’s Big Fresno Fair.

Click here to see their report.

Then click here to go to their web site and tell them that you don’t want them turning OUR Fair into a circus by adding a political clown to their list of “performers”.

Sign The Justice For Hispanic Farmers Petition

You can learn about it and sign it by clicking here.

Petition President Obama to Repeal The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy

Click here to be taken to Howard Dean’s petition.

The Armchair Activist

It will take a while to get this section going, but we intend to fill it with links to petitions and other things that can be done at home and in cyberspace to help nudge the world in a better direction. Please check back often, and also, if you have candidate material, please call it to our attention.

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