Weather Underground Screening Pictures



Before the screening, Bill Ayers talked with his CSUF hosts, Prof Mary Husain, Dr Vida Samiian and Dr Sasan Fayazmanesh.

Dallas Blanchard of the CAFE Infoshop was a great help, and got to join in the talks with Bill.

The teabaggers stayed closer to the TV people than they did to us.

The Brown Berets were a most welcome presence.

The TV folks seemed to enjoy interviewing Bill. I’m sure he was quite different from what most folks expected.

Ellie Bluestein of WILPF introduced Bill.

Our friend Jay Hubbell came early and got a front row seat.



He told me his name is "Ralphie" but the TV folks identified him as Juan.


This is Pete. He works at the First Congregational Church. What a great help he was!

The protesters left a sign behind that Bill got a big kick out of .