Mardi Gras

We went retro for the 2010 Mardi Gras Parade in Fresno’s Tower District.

Click on the links below to peruse some of the 250+ pictures that we’ve uploaded here.

Did you attend? You can play “Where’s Waldo” with the pictures I took from Avigdar Adams’ cool retro VW bus that he donated for Peace Fresno’s use that day. I’ve owned two of these buses myself over the years, so the day was full of nostalgia for me…..oh, speaking of nostalgia, I took the iPod boombox loaded with 60s songs. The three most popular songs, based on the reaction of the crowd? First, “Don’t Bogart Me” by The Fraternity of Man, second was “I’ll Take You There” by The Staple Singers and third was “People Get Ready” by The Impressions.

By all means, enjoy!!