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Welcome to America, Inc.

Your Supreme Court has screwed you.  By designating corporations as “individuals” and allowing them to pour essentially unlimited funds into the politicians and elections, they have guaranteed that the playing field will never be level again.  As Bob Dylan said, “Money doesn’t talk, it swears.”  And with their ruling, the Supremes have essentially told us regular folk to go screw ourselves.

Click here to read a little tidbit on home foreclosures that is, to me, the tip of the iceberg of the future.

You Will Be Missed, Elfie

We were saddened to receive this email from Maia Ballis today:

The Latest on American Jihadist Terrorism

Val found this posted by the Federation of American Scientists. It comes from the Congressional Research Service:

CRS Report for Congress – Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress
American Jihadist Terrorism: Combating a Complex Threat

Click on the above link to see the full report.  It is a 128 page document that was published just this month. It contains some interesting information about domestic terrorism.

Our Veterans Get Screwed, Too!!

For those of you who feel that members of the military get favored or preferential treatment, check this nightmare story out:


A Rose, By Any Other Name, Is Still A Military Engagement……..

Check out this semantical tap dance from DoD Buzz:


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