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The Peace and Justice Festival Comes to You

Peace Fresno held their Peace and Justice Festival at the Big Fresno Fairgrounds on March 21st 2010. If missed it, if you attended and want to relive it and maybe you just want to hear something that you missed, you can do it here now. To get there, go to the blue menu bar that is under rotating banners (the ones with the quotes) at the top of this page, then highlight the “events” button and when the drop-down menu appears, move down to the “Peace and Justice Festival 2010” and click on that. All of our audio files have been uploaded and the video files will follow as we can edit them into reasonably small files.


I hate war. It is the enemy of life. Sadly, it sometimes takes tragic situations to show us the strength and magnificence of the human spirit.

Please watch this video. It will make you cry. It will touch your soul. It should also make you wonder what this man might have done had this situation not befallen him, if he’d been left to lead a peaceful life. To waste this strength, courage and determination on a war is simply tragic.

Click Here to Watch Tango Mike Mike

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