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We’ve Been Outed!!

Occupy Fresno didn’t want to use our latest graphic because we put our name on it.  I guess someone told them that we’re really a  front for the Culinary Institute of America.  Curses, foiled again!!

Our Latest Graphic © 2011

Believe It or Not

There is a group called the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, a nonprofit group that helps the U.S. government prepare for future attacks. The director of that unit is a man named Scott Borg.
Will we be assimilated?

Our Bonehead Of The Millennium Award Goes To:

It’s a bit early in the millennium to give this award and we do reserve the right to re-award it, but we find it difficult to imagine anything more damaging than the decision made by these five justices in the case of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission.

Yeah, we know, that Democracy in this country is only holding on by a thread anyway, but with their landmark decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, the U. S. Supreme Court delivered the head shot.  Death will be slow and painful in coming, but it is certain.

Democracy is on the way out.  Welcome to America, Inc.

When our founding fathers held that “all men are created equal” one can imagine that they envisioned a country wherein every man was free to raise his family and farm his land or keep his shop in peace and quiet, free from the tyranny, whim and taxation of a far away king or dictator.  They could not have envisioned the tremendous growth in population, the Industrial Revolution, the Internet, the growth of the banking industry or the commercialism, corporate monopolies and market domination that we see today…  But wait, they did actually experience a corporate monopoly; it was the British East India Company whose crown bestowed monopoly on the tea trade in the Colonies inspired the Boston Tea Party.  The East India Company was one of the things that drove them to create the American Revolution.

One can only imagine the horror our founding fathers would experience if they had a good taste of the emerging American, Inc.  Corporate greed, the Military-Industrial Complex, the bailing out of failed industries, not to mention the current attempts to undermine social security, Medicare, unions and the minimum wage.…….all of which ultimately seem at odds with the notion of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  To America, Inc. we are not men and women, we are “consumers”; we are to be trained to suck on the corporate teat and employed only to the extent that we have enough money to pay enough taxes to fund their imperialist adventures, corporate failures, and fill the corporate coffers with enough money to assure their continuing domination of we, the people.  They want us to have only enough to keep on working, just like the slaves who built the pyramids.  And just like the slaves who built the pyramids, they expect the old, the sick and the lame to just fall by the wayside and die of neglect.

Yes, gentlemen, whether you realize it or not, you blew it big time.

And The Winner Is………………

Now that President Obama has announced that all U.S. troops will be out of Iraq by the year’s end, we think it fitting to congratulate the real winners of this conflict:

Congratulations, Dick (and our compliments on a name that is OH SO appropriate), between this and the “license to pollute by fracking” that you got for Halliburton, you have  more than earned that big fat severance package Halliburton gave you when you (supposedly) left their employment to become W’s veep.  Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands are dead, we are in debt for the next millenia and more Muslims than ever hate us, but dammit you EARNED that bonus!!  Your mother would be so proud!

What You Should Know About Occupy Wall Street

I received the following from my good friend Les Marsden and am presenting it here in its entirety with his permission.  Thank you, Les for allowing me to share these important words with all my friends.  To my friends, PLEASE READ THIS!!

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is the most important revolution of our lives. This is no scattered, vague Tea Party flailing demand to downsize government.  What the Occupy Movement is presenting is literally, in my words:

A Declaration of Independence for Our Times.

So what’s the difference between the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Tea Party?   Plenty.   Aside from all the obvious, easy – and potentially snarky things I might say, the critical difference is this:

When the Tea Party demands SMALLER government, they’re only parroting the commands fed to them by Fox and the Koch Brothers, because that’s exactly what the corporate class (with their henchman Grover Norquist) wants: weak, powerless government that won’t impose necessary, common-sense regulatory controls upon corporate America.  Controls that will protect Americans from exactly the sort of privations we’re now experiencing.  But the Tea Party doesn’t get that; they think “small government” is some magical answer without realizing that if they were TRUE patriots, they’d insist upon the Founders’ conception of government totally free from corporate control, meddling and influence.  The Tea Party’s messaging is controlled and funded by corporate America, whether they realize it or not.   Fox News, the Koch Brothers, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh feed them the sound bites they’re hungry to devour – which they then crankily regurgitate without questioning the logic or accuracy of their demands.

And what about that concept of a government free from the influence of wealth?  The Founders would be stunned by the America we’ve become: the property of the wealthy.  The dominion of corporations.  We have never in our history had so MUCH of America controlled by so few; we have NEVER had such difficulty as a people in mere economic survival.  And the warnings were long in place: Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to John Taylor in 1816: “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies…”  In the Federal period of America, corporations were actually viewed with great distrust.  Jefferson wrote to George Logan in a letter of November 12th, 1816, “I hope we shall take warning from the example and crush in it’s [sic] birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws our country.”

I have long worried about the incremental siphoning up of the wealth of this nation – the Supreme Court’s outrageous Citizens United decision decreeing that corporations (somehow) have all the rights of personhood is not an isolated circumstance.  Nor was the Supreme Court’s selection of George W. Bush as President in 2000 a mere accident.  I really do feel that it’s a slow slouch towards a corporate oligarchy we’ve been experiencing for at least 30 years, and possibly as long as the 60+ years since Eisenhower warned against the growing possibility of the military-industrial complex.  And that insidiousness – the slow, inexorable mission creep of that process has BLINDED us to how far we have already descended.

Just how democratic are we today?  How much does your vote actually count when the wealthy can buy all the influence they need from your elected officials?  Is voting ultimately a sham?   When one considers the feeble hold WE as voters have on any say in the outcome of elections today, when one REALLY takes the time to see how much our democratic process has been taken from us via lobbyists, special-interest initiatives masquerading falsely as populism: how HAVE we allowed this to occur?  Does the Tea Party understand wherein lies the TRUE problem with government today?  Do you truly realize how FAR down that spiral we’ve already descended?

We ARE headed towards a single-party (corporate) control of America. We ARE seeing dissent being squelched – and that’s not a recent development; think only of the vicious and violent reactions to the Bonus Marchers, for one.  I really feel the “Occupy” movement is so far being warily watched and that there will be crackdowns in greater numbers and incremental degrees as it proves its effectiveness more and more.  We’ve already seen the relationship between corporate ‘donations’ to the NYPD and resulting street action against protestors.   As the movement has become an international one, the arrests in the Land of the Free have increased: for speaking their mind, over 70 Americans were arrested in Times Square over the past weekend (October 15-16) with another 200 arrested in Chicago’s Grant Park, and at least 100 taken into custody in two separate occupations in Arizona.  But despite the recent crackdowns in the Bay Area, an estimated 5,000 showed up in San Francisco and another 2,500 in Oakland the weekend.  The movement continues to grow in defiance.
Lincoln NAILED it, albeit some 75 years after the Constitution made it clear: we are supposed to be a government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, of the PEOPLE. And the curtailing of the rights of the PEOPLE is – and HAS already been: an insidious, incremental, slow – nearly invisible, nearly imperceptible but all-too-apparent descent.
I truly hope that in Occupy Wall Street we may finally see the possible path of empowerment by Americans – working together – to retrieve the promise of our nation.  To regain the American Dream.  Because I’m not sure that there are any alternatives at this time in our history by which we might otherwise regain our nation.   And that’s my lengthy introduction to the following – the first official, collective statement of the protesters in Zuccotti Park (AKA Liberty Square), released Wednesday, October 5.  It’s a VERY compelling read.  And I hope it helps explain what we’re all in, together:

“As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies.  As one people, united, we acknowledge the reality: that the future of the human race requires the cooperation of its members; that our system must protect our rights, and upon corruption of that system, it is up to the individuals to protect their own rights, and those of their neighbors; that a democratic government derives its just power from the people, but corporations do not seek consent to extract wealth from the people and the Earth; and that no true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power. We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over people, self-interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run our governments. We have peaceably assembled here, as is our right, to let these facts be known.

They have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage.

They have taken bailouts from taxpayers with impunity, and continue to give Executives exorbitant bonuses.

They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.

They have poisoned the food supply through negligence, and undermined the farming system through monopolization.

They have profited off of the torture, confinement, and cruel treatment of countless animals, and actively hide these practices.

They have continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate for better pay and safer working conditions.

They have held students hostage with tens of thousands of dollars of debt on education, which is itself a human right.

They have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers’ healthcare and pay.

They have influenced the courts to achieve the same rights as people, with none of the culpability or responsibility.

They have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance.

They have sold our privacy as a commodity.

They have used the military and police force to prevent freedom of the press.

They have deliberately declined to recall faulty products endangering lives in pursuit of profit.

They determine economic policy, despite the catastrophic failures their policies have produced and continue to produce.

They have donated large sums of money to politicians, who are responsible for regulating them.

They continue to block alternate forms of energy to keep us dependent on oil.

They continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people’s lives or provide relief in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantial profit.

They have purposely covered up oil spills, accidents, faulty bookkeeping, and inactive ingredients in pursuit of profit.

They purposefully keep people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media.

They have accepted private contracts to murder prisoners even when presented with serious doubts about their guilt.

They have perpetuated colonialism at home and abroad.

They have participated in the torture and murder of innocent civilians overseas.

They continue to create weapons of mass destruction in order to receive government contracts.

To the people of the world, We, the New York City General Assembly occupying Wall Street in Liberty Square, urge you to assert your power.

Exercise your right to peaceably assemble; occupy public space; create a process to address the problems we face, and generate solutions accessible to everyone.

To all communities that take action and form groups in the spirit of direct democracy, we offer support, documentation, and all of the resources at our disposal.

Join us and make your voices heard!”



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