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An Easy Way To Raise Your Voice

One very easy way to let your opinions be heard is to join Just go to the web site and join. Once you are signed up, you can sign a variety of petitions on human rights issues with just a click of your mouse, with the option to add personal comments.

We Salute a Soldier and the Passing of an Era

We salute a soldier and the passing of an era. I remember when I was a kid and the last surviving Civil War soldier passed a way. It was a pretty big deal. I didn’t want the passing of Frank Buckles and his era to go unnoticed. They called it “The Great War” and for Frank’s generation it was. I salute Frank, his memory, and the memory of ALL those brave Americans who served in the first World War. Click Here To Read The Story.

There IS hope!

We complain a lot about the sad state of the world, so I feel compelled to post this story here and salute the young people who are involved in this ‘movement’. Click here to see the whole story.

Do You Believe In Miracles?

This is a really cool story. I recommend that you all just check it out and form your own opinion as to what force or forces may have been at work here. Click here to read this amazing story.

Mother Jones Nails It

You all need to look this link over. Mother Jones has graphically portrayed what I perceive to be, as you might say, “What’s wrong with America today.” I’m not averse to people being rich, but I’m averse to the country being run by a select few who are filthy, obscenely rich and who manipulate the system to make sure that they keep getting richer and richer and richer, while those who make them rich continue to live in poverty and near poverty with inadequate health care. Click here to see the Mother Jones page.

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