We provided the PA System, program design and publicity flyers for the

Fresno Stonewall Democrats Inaugural Spring Brunch

Held April 16, 2011 at Tafoya Gardens, Fresno

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The Tafoya Gardens could not have been a more beautiful setting for the event.

Frank Thomas Ward and Stonewall president Chuck Krugman check out the tables.



The weather for the day was near perfect.

Jay Hubbell and Cynthia Sterling

Jay Hubbell and Harald Haneborg

Frank Thomas Ward

Plenty of good food and good conversation was available.

Jay Hubbell with Ellis Vance and Robin Greiner, Jr.

Judge McCarthy and Cynthia Sterling.


Judge McCarthy and Stonewall member Cordell Jelf

Chris Jarvis and Vickye Ashton deliver the welcoming remards.

Fresno Stonewall Founder and first president, Jay Hubbell.

Robin McGehee

Judge McCarthy

Chris Jarvis gave the closing remarks and 'thank you's.

Michael Esswein chats with Judge McCarthy, Ellis Vance and Robin Greiner, Jr.

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Links to the sound files for the event are below the picture of each speaker.

Introductions by Chris Jarvis and Vickye Ashton

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Welcoming remarks by Fresno Stonewall Founder and first president Jay Hubbell

Welcoming remarks from current Fresno Stonewall President, Chuck Krugman (sorry Chuck, I didn't get a picture of you!)

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Robin McGehee, co-founder and Executive Director of Get Equal

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Judge Kevin McCarthy of the San Francisco Superior Court

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Closing Remarks by Chris Jarvis of Gay Central California

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